Door Handles – Add value to the beauty of doors

December 28, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Furniture, Home Decor, Home Improvement

nullWhenever we welcome anyone into our homes the first thing that catches his attention is the door. The doors of a house serve many a purpose other than just serving as an entrance into the house. A beautiful door actually speaks about the taste, class and status of the owner. it gives the onlooker an idea about the entire beauty of the house.

Along with the doors, door handles also a go long way in adding charm to the house. They are generally small, yet serve a very important purpose.

Handles come in various shapes sizes and designs. They vary in cost depending on the material used and the handiwork involved. Modern day door handles are made out of various items. It includes brass, frosted glass, metals like brass, stainless steel etc. Sometimes crystals are also used to accentuate the appeal.

Whatever may be the design the durability and protective capacity of the handle should be properly evaluated before actually buying one of them.

Royal Windsor Tapestry

December 24, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement

nullRoyal Windsor tapestry happens to be one of those tapestries that grew under the patronage of the English royal family. It was established by a two Frenchmen namely, Marcel Brignolas and Henri C. J. Henry in the year 1876. The tapestry mainly employed French workers who had left France after the French Revolution. These workers mainly worked on a variety of color scheme based on the Aubusson theme.

The tapestries produced in the Royal Windsor tapestry were known for its magnificent design and detailed work. The subjects of the tapestries were usually based on the images of Queen Victoria, and various battles and events glorifying the English heroism and culture.

The tapestry began to decline during 1884 when its main patron Prince Leopard died. Various changes in the socio economic conditions of the world forced workers to migrate to America where the business was flourishing. However the work of the Royal Windsor tapestry is legendary. Famous work including scenes from Shakespeare’s Mid summer’s night dream can still be seen in the Buckingham Palace.