Tips to keep your child’s room well organized

February 24, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Children's room

Do you find it troublesome to organise your child’s room? A child’s room is inevitably the messiest room of the house. Your children would never be bothered about the kind of mess the room is creating. All they would want is to have a good time with their toys regardless of whether they are leaving behind a mess or not. As usual, the task of cleaning up the mess would be left up to you.

How can you ensure that the room is well organised and cleaned up? There are some simple ways you can ensure this. Firstly ensure that there is a toy box which is big enough to contain all the toys. A toy box is an easier option for the kid to dump of toys simply. You could also keep plastic baskets in the room for the sake of picking up the toys. Since children grow up pretty quick, you need to keep discarding off the clothes that the kids have grown out of. This makes space for the next set of clothes.

Add a touch of aesthetics to your backyard with swing

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Want to make your backyard interesting? Put up a swing for a quality pastime which will also add a touch of beauty to the area.

Your kids would love it. It helps a lot when you cannot take them to the parks. Moreover a smooth sway after a hard day’s work is very relaxing. Otherwise, an easy to and fro while reading the morning newspaper is refreshing and a beautiful way to start the day. A swing is also the perfect patio furniture where you can have a fine romantic conversation with your beloved on a starry moonlit night.

There are various types of swings available for the backyard. You will get them in log style or Adirondack form or in the style of a hammock. There are even the little swings for your kids. These are found in resin wicker and cedar construction. The wooden ones are very durable while the resin swings look elegant.

Cork flooring, a fantastic pick for your basement

February 16, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Floors & Roofs

Getting the right flooring for your basement is one of the important tasks while renovating your home. The basement area is very prone to moisture growth accompanied by mildew and molds. Thus, you have to keep in mind that the flooring material is resistant to humidity, moisture and sudden or excessive weather changes.

Opt for cork flooring. Cork contains the waxy suberin (a sort of natural chemical) which helps it to resist moisture, molds, pests or mildew. Other flooring types such as laminate, carpet or wooden flooring are all easily degradable and abet the growth of moisture. Moreover, cork flooring is also highly comfortable to walk on due to its honeycomb cellular build. The trapped gas inside the cork makes it a good insulation material too. It helps you a lot during the chilly winters.
Besides, cork flooring is renewal and eco friendly also as we get it from the outer layer (bark) of the oak tree and thus you do need to cut the whole tree down.

Add a Victorian touch to your home decor using simple guidelines

February 12, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

The old Victorian style exudes a blend of charm and elegance accompanied by an aura of romance. Here are some tips to create the Victorian feel in your room décor.

Grandeur and abundance are two of the main maxims of the Victorian style. So, make sure to follow them in every part of your room décor. Use vibrant colors like rich blue, red or leathery brown. Otherwise you can have olive green or light cream. Decorate the walls with wrought iron candle stands and old oil paintings.

Cover the windows elaborately with brocade or velvet curtains underlined by an elegant silk lace. There should be three full flowing layers of curtains. Heavy crystal chandeliers would be a perfect addition to the glam quotient. Also dress up your lampshades in multiple layers of ornamental fabric. Complement the room with sturdy ornate furniture. Place antique vases with fresh flowers, especially rich red roses. Wooden flooring with oriental rugs is ideal to complete the Victorian feel.

Bathroom furniture and what to keep in mind while picking them

February 08, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Furniture

Furniture is a key ingredient towards decorating one’s home. People spend endless amount of money just to make their homes look beautiful. Nowadays the bathroom furniture is as essential as the bedroom furniture. People look forward to purchasing bathroom furniture which can enhance the décor of the bathroom.

While picking up the bathroom furniture, the first thing to be kept in mind is that it’s waterproof. Try to gather information about the product; the price, quality, warranty period, etc and then finalize whether it’s the right pick. See which designs and colors are available and make the choice according to the bathroom’s décor.

Bathroom furniture is available in two different types; wall-hanging and free-standing furniture. Which to choose among these depends on the space one has to decorate the bathroom. People with less space to play with or the ones who prefer to have a spacious bathroom go for wall hangings.

Floor lamps to add a touch of class to your home décor

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Are you looking for a classy element of home décor? In case you are, you could consider the floor lamps. These are one of the classiest additions you could make to your home. Floor lamps come not just in different colors but also in different shapes and sizes.

The advantage of adding one of these in your rooms is that you would have the independence to use these floor lamps anyway you wanted and place them at any point of your home. Floor lamps look equally attractive in the living room as well as in the bathroom.

In case you want to get one of these for your home, you could either check the internet of the Yellow pages to find out where you can purchase these floor lamps.  Although there are many varieties of these lamps, the Tiffany’s varieties are the most popular. The Victorian or the French styled floor lamps are not very behind.