Learn how to maintain your kitchen tiles

September 30, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Got the most attractive and expensive tiles for your kitchen but finding it hard to keep it clean? The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in every house. Along with this the oil and spice of the food we cook add on the dirt that accumulates on the tiles of your kitchen. Here are a few tips with which you can keep your kitchen tiles clean-

1. Most often the dirt is removed by rubbing the tiles with a damn cloth. This is achieved only if you are a regular cleaner.

2. Most bacteria and germ that accumulate in between the tiles are not destroyed by just rubbing. You need a good brusher and an effective cleansing solution to get rid of the germs before they turn harmful.

3. Never compromise on the hygiene of the kitchen as the kitchen is where the food for the entire family is cooked. Always reach out to the most impossible and clean it regularly.

Tips to clean your wrought iron furniture

September 19, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Furniture

Wrought iron furniture adds a very different look to your home décor and is also very useful. They are very durable provided you take a little care while cleaning the furniture.

Regular dusting and cleaning is the key to good maintenance. If you are using a hand duster be sure to reach out to the inner corners as well. This might get a bit difficult especially if you have beds or tables with intricate work. In that case, a vacuum cleaner is the best choice to remove dirt and dust from each corner.

Most of the time, a regular dusting is enough to keep wrought iron furniture clean. But to retain their polish and finish, you need to give some extra care. There are various solutions and creams available in the market these days. You should use these to polish your furniture once in a month. These are specially formulated to retain their luster and also to add a protective covering layer.

Give your bedroom a Valentine’s Day look with simple tips

September 10, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bedroom

Valentine’s Day is always special and it calls for the celebration of love. On that note if you are preparing on how to make your partner feel special, to intensify passion, here are few tips to sprinkle love, warmth passion and spice up your bedroom.

To put up a dreamy romantic ambience a minimal and soft lighting fixture is a must. You can opt for a stylish pendant lamp or a beautiful tiffany lamp as well for a decorative look and ensure a dimmer switch to play with light effects. Avail different innovative designed candles round the corners to conjure up that special romantic feel in the room. Go for dark and alluring curtains to stay aloof from external noises. Bedding plays the most crucial role. Use silk and satin fabrics of pearl, gold or bronze color for comfort and a cozy sexy look.

You can also add on soft velvet comforters and throw heart-shaped pillows. Splash drops of a mild perfume while making the beddings; this will create an aura of its own. After everything, tune into some soft romantic music to revive the blend of togetherness, love and passion. Also chocolates and champagne can enhance the mood of love.

Which is a better pick, steel or wooden kitchen cabinets?

September 03, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Design & Ware

You can use either a steel or wooden kitchen cabinet. Stainless steel is durable and it gives a contemporary look when you use it in a kitchen cabinet. Steel cabinets are good because they do not warp or mold. Also you do not need to reface them like other materials. If you want, you can paint the steel cabinets as well.

You can also opt for a wooden kitchen cabinet. You can design the wood cabinets the way you want them. Make sure you use wood of a good quality. You can have many boxes to keep the utensils. Wooden cabinets are also spacious. While cleaning wooden cabinets you need to use a correct method so that you do not damage the wood.

In order to get the best of stainless steel and wood, you can use a cabinet made of both steel and wood. This creates a nice contrast. The doors of your cabinet can be made of steel and the drawers can be made of wood. You can also use steel with a color contrast.