Escalate the spacious appeal with proper lighting

May 15, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Lighting for home decoration, home decor tipsMaximizing space in the house with appropriate lighting requires applying some brains but it is not a difficult task. Some factors which play a role here are-

• Correct placement of shades & window blinds. Soft sheer shades also add to the beauty.
• Usage (modern or antique) of mirrors in living room.
• Provision for infiltration of adequate daylight enhances the furniture & décor in the room.
• Proper interior lighting also helps improving the space as well as the mood of the house. Corner lights & overhead lights play a role here.
• Using spotlights for kitchen area.
• For small houses usage of lamps enhances the looks.
• Well-lit bathrooms make a bathroom look spacious provided the mirror reflections are apt.
• Direct lighting must be used for furniture like book-racks.
• Beaming lights towards ceiling or walls & creating shadows help hide the size of a small room.