Importance of fire doors

July 14, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Design

Importance of fire doors, home designPassive fire protection provides protection from fire. The combustion products present in a building, or between buildings, and also in the outside environment may catch fire due to many reasons. Hence a barrier must always be present to ensure its protection. Fire doors may include walls, floors, doors and windows. Most of the countries use an array of active systems (for example, sprinklers and pressurisation systems) in a building like design, but the importance of passive fire protection systems must never be ignored. In a building, passive features are vitally imperative and in most cases can be the unsung and silent hero protecting humans, animals and our built environment.

Fire doors are important as the form a part of the separation between buildings into the fire cells. Normally they act just like any other door. However, when a fire erupts they perform the vital role by burning at a given rate and providing an obstacle to withhold the fire from spreading to other places. Fire doors should be carefully engineered, designed, and tested to an apt standard to make sure that, whenever required, it will perform as expected.