Painting the walls of children’s rooms

October 19, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Children's room

walls of children’s roomsDo you want to give your child’s room a new look but are not very keen on incurring the expenses that come along with revamping the décor of your room? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you will be glad to know that giving a room a brand new appearance need not always be an expensive affair. And one of the best and most pocket friendly ways to redo the décor of kids’ room is to give the rooms a fresh coat of color. Paint is a quite inexpensive home décor tool and to add to the fun you can ask your child to choose the color which he wants his room to be painted in.

As far as kids’ rooms are concerned, you should always opt for some bright and dreamy color; and do remember that bright colors are not necessarily loud colors. However, if your kid is a fan of very bright and loud colors then you can paint one wall of his room in his favorite color. For kids who are less than ten years old colors like sunshine yellow, sky blue and soothing apple green will work very well. For older kids, neutral colors are the best bets. Paint will freshen up a room and add live to it almost immediately and you can be rest assured that your child will love it. Since kids are prone to making the walls a mess, always opt for semi gloss wall paints so that you can clean the mess without much hassle.

While painting the walls, make sure that foundation part of the wall is two shades darker than the rest of the wall. Have fun with your kid by putting his colorful handprints on the border area. Wall decals and murals are also good choices for decorating the walls of a child’s room.

Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom

October 03, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bedroom

Feng Shui TipsBedroom is a very important room in your home. You might not be spending most of your time in your bedroom, but that does not mean that Feng Shui is not essential for your bedroom. Bedroom is utilized primarily for sleeping. The decor of your bedroom surely influences the way in which you sleep and sleep has direct relation to your health and happiness. Thus it is advised that you utilize the following Feng Shui tips for your bedroom so that negative energy can be avoided at all times.

The bed is the necessary piece of furniture in your bedroom. Thus it should be cosy and comfortable. Avoid storing things under your bed as that obstructs the flow of positive energy in your bedroom. If possible never have mirrors in your bedroom as these have bad influence on your sleep. But usually you cannot have bedrooms without mirrors. So the one thing that you can do is place the mirrors away from the bed to avoid bad effects.

Ceiling beams should never be a part of your bedroom. Try avoiding them at all cost as these can cause financial problems in your life. The bedroom color should be calming and light. Stay away from the thought of using bright and energizing colors so that your sleep is not hampered and you get proper rest. Keep your bed and everything in your bedroom always clean and organized. Never allow your bedroom to be messy as that will just create more confusion and chaos in your life.

If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom then it is advised that you keep the door of the bathroom closed always. Whenever the electronic equipments present in your bedroom are not in use, you must make it a point to unplug them.

Hope these tips help you when you design or re-design your bedroom.