Feng shui for study rooms

December 25, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Feng shui for study roomsThe art of feng shui is an ancient Chinese art to maintain balance and peace in the room of study. When we see that the environment we study in is perfect obviously the concentration increases on its own paying off with better concentration and attention skills thus improvement in results.

Arrangement of the study:

The study room should be clutter free to release your mind too of unwanted clutter. Everything should be arranged in an organised manner and the room should be dusted regularly. A nice smelling study room is always a good option. Study rooms should be devoid of beds as it makes the child feel sleepy. It should also be devoid of computers or any electronic gadget for that matter as it compromises on the concentration of the person studying. Other things need to be kept in mind too, some being: any pointed objects like the sharp edges of windows and cupboards should not be pointing in the direction of the study table. The study table should be so positioned that there is free air circulation in front with lots of space and a plain wall behind. There should be no doors or windows on the behind.

A store or kitchen or toilet should not be in the northeast direction; this is the direction on knowledge and wisdom. This is the direction to be faced while studying or sleeping. Everything needed during the study times should be kept handy. The colour or the room should be well balanced.

Other things:

Sleeping habits too need to be a little changed. When sleeping one of the four kua numbers should be faced. The change in sleeping positions not only immensely doubles the chances of a child towards his success but also improves his/ her health related issues. A wind chime and flower pots are believed to be lucky assets too.