Types Of Wood Cabinets

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Installation of wood cabinets

Wood cabinets in home

Wood cabinets are basically installed in kitchen. However they can also be installed in bathroom but they look perfect in kitchen. Hardwood cabinets and veneer cabinets are used specifically for creating sophisticated and classic cabinets which are highly durable. Along with beauty wood cabinets also offer you with longevity. Wood cabinets avail you with plenty of choices in colors, designs, variety and finishes. With wood cabinets, you are offered with more amount of consistent appearance and also offer more uniformity without compromising on durability feature. In today’s time, most of the kitchens have glass and stainless steel and in this opting for wood cabinets will give your kitchen texture and warmth and also gives a welcome contrast which other materials fails to give. However with wood cabinets there are some issue, there can be changes in the texture of wood cabinets when they are exposed to that with sunlight. Even humidity can have great impact on the wood cabinets and is not much comfortable with humidity. If you are considering wood cabinets for your kitchen, you need to see the options and then figure out which one suits with your need in best possible manner.

  • Cherry

The range of cherry wood cabinets lies from tan blonde to the deep brown color depending upon your wish. In case of cherry wood cabinets, chances are there that the color gets dark naturally with age and passage of time. It color choices can go from golden yellow to dark red. Cherry will basically add up elegance to any kind of décor and can look good in tradition home if taken back in history and can also blend in with the fashion and look good with modern homes. Hence cherry wood cabinets can fit in anywhere you want it to install.

  • Alder

Alder wood cabinets can give very rustic look but if you intend to it can also give you unmarked, quiet and clear look. The color choice of such wood cabinets range from reddish brown to pale red, you can choose the shade which goes with your decor. Alder is soft wood in comparison with cherry or maple and it will avail you with more stable surface for stains and finishes.

  • Maple

Maple wood cabinets are from those types which add character to your place. Maple as a material suits very well in any place and is also available in plenty of styles and finishes. The color choices of maple range between pale reddish brown to creamy white. You can pick a color shade which suits with the interior décor of rest of the room. It can also give a subtle green pattern which gives very much uniform and smooth look. If you want it can include mineral streaks and tiny dots like birds eye.

  • Oak or rift oak

It has an open grain style and it is also very much strong. You can also choose form dark cinnamon, salmon red or tawny patina. Oak is a type which is suited to traditional, rustic or casual room and is also very much durable.


Pros And Cons Of Metal Siding

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Pros and cons of metal siding

Advantages and disadvanatges of metal siding

There is no end to the options when it comes to siding of your home. But choosing the out of all can be bit challenging. There are many factors to be considered when it comes to siding. You must consider every option for your siding but one of the advices for you is metal siding. Metal siding is considered as most durable option for your home and it is also very low maintenance choice. Warranty for metal siding is available for 20 to 40 years which is just amazing. The installation of metal siding is also very easy and well installed metal siding can last really long without any expensive repairs and replacement. However with all this good things also, none of the materials can be totally perfect so here are some of the pros and cons of metal siding for better understanding whether to go for installing metal siding or not.


  • Strong

Metal siding as your siding option is extremely tough. It is as tough as that of nails. When you have metal siding in your home, you are care free about the factors like chipping, warping and cracking. Metal siding is also fire resistant and pest resistant. However all the metal is not similar which can cope equally with your area’s weather circumstances and exterior atmosphere? Thus keep this thing mind while you are choosing metal siding. Say for example aluminum siding is such which gives totally amazing look and is also very affordable and installation is also very easy and will last long in your home but if you are residing in an area with hailstorms then it is probably not a great choice for your home.

  • Low maintenance

If you are a lazy person and cannot opt for maintain g your siding every now and then metal siding is the right choice or you. If you go for high qualitative metal siding and apply an adequate protective coating, you will not need to do any maintenance except giving it a good wash in some specific time intervals. Washing your metal siding twice in a year will keep it up to date and will save it from all chemical reactions, dirt and debris and such other things which can damage your metal; siding.


  • Moisture issues

Everyone is aware of the fact that metal can rust very easily. This clearly shows that moisture is by far the biggest enemy of metal siding. You have to be extra careful with water when you have metal siding installed in your home. You have to seal the edges of metal siding properly or else water can seep in side it and can damage it from inside leading to costly repair or replacement.

  • Denting

In case of metal siding, if you are not choosing the thick and most qualitative products, chances are there are high chances of your metal siding getting dent easily. It can be bit expensive at first but in long run it is very much helpful.