Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

November 03, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: House Plans, Windows & Frames

A room might be used for cooking, sleeping, drawing, playing, reading and bathing. But one thing will remain common in all those rooms and that is the door. Any room should have a door through which you can enter and exit that room. While building a house, your contractor will ask you to choose a door style for your rooms. What will you do then?

Choose a standalone, boring door? Well, the world is getting unique by the minute and you have to be competitive enough here. You have to have a sense of uniqueness and the choice of doors is no exception.

You can choose stylish sliding doors over the normal doors as they are easy to open. Moreover, most of the sliding doors come with a glass front and that will give a lighter and brighter look to your place. But, most of these doors get stuck and require repair quite often. So choose wisely and think twice before making a choice.

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