Ways To Organize Your Basement Properly

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Organizing your basementMany of the times, we forget to clean the most important part of our home which is basement. It is the place where we store most of our things. Some of them can be very precious; some has sentimental values attached while some have monetary value attached to it. But however you keep your basement way too much dirty and unorganized. You must be proactive and organize your basement properly. Organizing your basement will help you find your lost stuff. Organizing your basement will be also availing you with the ease in finding the stuff when you need. You don’t have to spend hours in finding the stuff and then returning empty handed even though you have it but not able to find it sue to clutter.  Here are some of the ways of organizing your basement properly and quickly.

  • Start by emptying the basement

If you want to organize your basement properly, then you must empty each and every single thing out of your basement. This will give you a proper idea as how much you have accumulated since this past years when you haven’t paid much heed towards your basement. This will also give you an idea as to what things are to be kept and what things are to be thrown out.

  • Think about the storage

Look at your basements storage facility and also to the stuff you need to fit in the storage. It is definitely very important to have sturdy storage to put your stuff in there properly. You can go for a bin or box storage system and to put those bins and boxes, you must have heavy framed paintable plywood shelving. Make sure that the shelving is not at too much height or else you can get hurt while trying to get the things. Make your shelving’s at an appropriate height say like 5 feet high.

  • Have planning for future

If you have any plan in the future like remodeling or renovating your basement then such things should be kept in mind while organizing your basement. When you are inserting the storage shelving’s in your basement while organizing your basement then don’t go for too much expensive one as if you have any plans of remodeling in future then you can install any expensive thing time based on the interiors you are going to set for it.

  • Organize the things in your basement

While putting the things back in the basement at the time of organizing your basement, bifurcate the things in different sections as to which things are not useful anymore should be either thrown out or sold out or donated so that it does not occupy space in your basement. When you get more space in your basement with more storage options and reduced stuff you will be able to organize your basement in more efficient and elegant manner. Store the things in boxes and label the boxes with the name of things stored in so that you can easily find it back when you need.


Use your basement for parties

December 19, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Basements

You often must be wondering if your parties could be held in a place other than your hall or one of your rooms, saving you from cleaning the mess and litter of the party soon enough. So it’s a wise idea to convert your basement into a party room.

First and foremost, you need to have a dry basement. You don’t want a damp room as your party zone. There shouldn’t be any leakage of water from any portion. Also, the head-height is an important factor. You don’t want to crawl and enjoy during your fun times. It should also be a bit spacious to accommodate the people you had invited for the party. Lighting is also important. Too much dimness is not what is needed down there.

So if you are a partyholic, the basement is where you can enjoy them. Just decorate it, create a great atmosphere, and start shaking a leg or two with your pals. 

How to pick the right flooring for your basement

July 31, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Basements, Floors & Roofs

If, you are thinking of remodelling your old basement, flooring is one factor which needs due consideration. Materials which are moisture resistant are perfect for your basement floor.  Thus if you are thinking of carpeting your basement, stop right there.  Nothing can be worse than that as the moisture from the floor may totally spoil your carpet. Instead you can opt for concrete titles for your basement flooring. You can go for the colourful ones or get the plain ones and draw colourful patterns on them to quench you artistic thirst.

Cork flooring is another practical alternative as moisture doesn’t damage cork. Cork contains a waxy ingredient called suberin which prevents water from damaging it. Besides this, using cork for you basement flooring can be an eco-friendly alternative too, if you wish to go green.

Similar to carpets, wood flooring is a big no-no as well, as moisture will gradually rot your wooden flooring.

Waterproofing: An Essential Step in Basement Remodeling

June 23, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Basements, Home Care, Renovations, Repairs & Maintenance

Waterproofing is surely the most essential part in matters of repairing a basement. By doing this you can ensure maximum comfort and can utmost enjoy energy efficiency. Thus, this in turn enhances your indoor longevity and brings about a legitimate reduction in your energy bills per month. Water based problems are one of the most common challenges which you have to face at home. Signs of water damages are not easily discernable.

You can only understand when the problem settles down deep within the basement. However, some of the sings and symptoms which will tell you that yes there has surely been an underlying water and moisture related problem include rusting of metals, watermarks, paints coming off, damp spots, woods getting deformed and rotten, formation of mildew and molds, flooding of the floor and the walls developing white and chalky substances. Thus once you know what exactly the problem is, you can instantly start working on it with solutions like hydroclay, paints and sealants and fountain drain.

DIY Tips for Basement Water Proofing.

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diy basement proofingBasements are rooms in the house which are used as either storage rooms or places for entertainment. Many a times, these rooms leak because they are not well taken care of. Some of the things you can do to ensure that your basement is waterproof are: one you need to access your water drainage properly so that you can ensure that it is functioning in the correct manner. Another thing you need to do is make sure you have a water powered sump pump installed.  A sump pump can help move water away before your basement floods.  It is a great way to make sure that water doesn’t damage everything in your basement. If you find that it has any problem such as clogging, make sure you repair them immediately so that they do not cause you further problems.

You then need to know where water is directed to in case there is heavy downpour. The down spouts should be directing water away from your house very fast. You should also look at the landscaping of your house and raise any parts that may be leading water to your house so that water can be led away from the foundation of your house.

Lighting Tips to Finish a Basement

October 01, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Basements, Lights On !

Basement Lighting, Home Improvement, Home CareThe first step will entail maximizing as much natural light as you can, if your basement is above the ground that is. With this step taken, several other options exist including surface mounted and directional lights. One may also install occupancy sensors for the reflection of light already being produced by other sources.

With ceiling space, incandescent recession light fittings may be worth installing, giving your basement a look of brightness and a good working space. The space can be given a more finished look by installation of bright track lights and the beauty may be topped off with surface mounted lights affording the basement a welcoming mood and a brilliance that is quite inviting.

For safety and a more open environment, one may employ recessed lighting in the basement, giving it as small a risk factor as possible. A dynamic effect will be got from narrow beam lighting fixtures.

How to correct a leaking basement

February 20, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Basements, Home Care, Home Improvement

Leaking base might be a result of roof drainage. Whatever might be the reason, it’s quite a horrendous scene watching your basement water run up to the general quarter. If you have a sloping roof, nothing better than that; in other cases, keep gutters adequately checked. Correct installment of roof gutter system and checking the gutters for leaf remnants is must. Have a team check and perhaps replace your current gutter or downspout system. Leaf remnants block gutters and sewer is automatically disturbed causing basement dripping.

gutter systemYou can also link the downspouts of the roof some distance away from the basements. This can help in keeping the basement clean. Soil around the base of the house must also be bent on the side facing away from the house.

So if there are pungent odors, minor drippings and the phenomenon of efflorescence, get working on the leaking basement. If you do not pay heed to it, you might just have to pay over 20000 USD for French sump pump and waterproofing.