Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom

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Feng Shui TipsBedroom is a very important room in your home. You might not be spending most of your time in your bedroom, but that does not mean that Feng Shui is not essential for your bedroom. Bedroom is utilized primarily for sleeping. The decor of your bedroom surely influences the way in which you sleep and sleep has direct relation to your health and happiness. Thus it is advised that you utilize the following Feng Shui tips for your bedroom so that negative energy can be avoided at all times.

The bed is the necessary piece of furniture in your bedroom. Thus it should be cosy and comfortable. Avoid storing things under your bed as that obstructs the flow of positive energy in your bedroom. If possible never have mirrors in your bedroom as these have bad influence on your sleep. But usually you cannot have bedrooms without mirrors. So the one thing that you can do is place the mirrors away from the bed to avoid bad effects.

Ceiling beams should never be a part of your bedroom. Try avoiding them at all cost as these can cause financial problems in your life. The bedroom color should be calming and light. Stay away from the thought of using bright and energizing colors so that your sleep is not hampered and you get proper rest. Keep your bed and everything in your bedroom always clean and organized. Never allow your bedroom to be messy as that will just create more confusion and chaos in your life.

If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom then it is advised that you keep the door of the bathroom closed always. Whenever the electronic equipments present in your bedroom are not in use, you must make it a point to unplug them.

Hope these tips help you when you design or re-design your bedroom.

Give your bedroom a Valentine’s Day look with simple tips

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Valentine’s Day is always special and it calls for the celebration of love. On that note if you are preparing on how to make your partner feel special, to intensify passion, here are few tips to sprinkle love, warmth passion and spice up your bedroom.

To put up a dreamy romantic ambience a minimal and soft lighting fixture is a must. You can opt for a stylish pendant lamp or a beautiful tiffany lamp as well for a decorative look and ensure a dimmer switch to play with light effects. Avail different innovative designed candles round the corners to conjure up that special romantic feel in the room. Go for dark and alluring curtains to stay aloof from external noises. Bedding plays the most crucial role. Use silk and satin fabrics of pearl, gold or bronze color for comfort and a cozy sexy look.

You can also add on soft velvet comforters and throw heart-shaped pillows. Splash drops of a mild perfume while making the beddings; this will create an aura of its own. After everything, tune into some soft romantic music to revive the blend of togetherness, love and passion. Also chocolates and champagne can enhance the mood of love.

Wrought iron bed, a fine pick for your bedroom

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Our bedroom is the ultimate place of relaxation after a hard day’s work. Thus a perfect room décor is very essential to create a soothing and comfortable ambience. The centre point in any bedroom is certainly the bed where we jump into for a deep sleep.

Wrought iron beds are a fine pick as they are classy and never out of fashion. These strong durable beds come in various shapes and sizes and thus can fit into any bedroom.
Nowadays they are also available in various colors (other than the traditional black) with an elegant finishing of hand rubbed bronze, copper, hand rubbed pewter, brass, gunmetal and gold accents.

These beds are found in both simple and intricate styles. The latest trend is to have a wrought iron canopy bed. Hang fine curtains on the frames to add a romantic touch to your bedroom. A white wrought iron canopy bed is a good choice for your little princess’ room décor.

Give your bedroom a Tuscan décor

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Do you want to give your bedroom a relaxed country side feel? If so, giving it a Tuscan décor will give it the exact appeal that you desire. There are some exclusive features of a Tuscan décor, and following them makes the process of giving your bedroom a new décor much easier. The key factor that should reflect in your décor is simplicity. The décor should be such that it allows a lot of light and air into the room thus giving it a light fresh feel. Use earthy shades like browns and yellows to give that rustic and country side feel.

Stones have a huge part to play in Tuscan décor. Be it stone flooring or a stone fireplace mantel, natural stones work wonders if you want to add that rustic touch. Match your furniture with the wall tint and go for rustic shades. Terracotta wall hangings and wrought iron lamp shades also add that touch of the country side which you have desired for so long. So go ahead and give your bedroom a brand new décor and spend some romantic moments in your new Tuscan bedroom.

Baby Nursery Bedding

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A baby spends a lot of time sleeping therefore comfort has to be a priority when choosing bedding for the nursery. They should also be easy to maintain.

Cotton sheets are essential when you are choosing bedding for your baby. Cotton is a great material because you can easily regulate the temperature. The sheets can be layered when it is cold and reduced when it is too hot. It is important to make sure you get a suitable size for the nursery.

Cushions and pillows are not really advisable when you are getting bedding for your baby’s nursery because they can make the baby too hot. They can also cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when the baby suffocates on them. Choose a firm one if you want to use a pillow or cushion in the nursery.

A baby sleeping bag is also a good idea for nursery bedding because the baby will not be able to uncover himself.

5 Tips to Stimulate Your Baby’s Nursery

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Babies are constantly learning from the things around them and this is why you need to make the nursery stimulating. This will help to engage the mind and encourage learning.

One of the best ways to make the nursery stimulation is by creating a themed room. Choose a theme based on animals, numbers, alphabets or seasons.

Decorating the ceiling in you baby’s nursery is also a great way to make sure the mind is always engaged. Use different patterns and designs to create something exciting. You can also hang some toys or mobiles on some of the areas in the room.

Put some books in the nursery so that the baby can have an interest in reading from an early age.

When you are trying to stimulate the room, make sure you define each space. Some areas should allow the baby to unwind after stimulation.

You can also use several toys to stimulate your baby in the nursery.

Employing Japanese Style to Create Relaxing Ambiance in Bedroom

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Home Decor, Japanese Style BedroomJapanese style has entered the lifestyle of millions of homeowners, as the rooms decorated on the basis of this style are capable of providing relaxation to mind and body. From the theme of simplicity to the theme of balance, a number of ideas can help your differentiate your bedroom from those installed with run-of-the-mill ideas.

The typical Japanese mat layout on the floor can provide comfort to your bare feet. The shoji styled lamps are also amongst wonderful ideas to create the right type of atmosphere. You can also prefer rice paper lanterns to add a different style to the room. Other useful ingredients for completing the look include a bonsai tree, a row of candles, apart from geisha dolls and tokonoma decoration ideas.

All these ideas can make your bedroom a good place to relax and meditate. Such great deal of comfort is hard to achieve with other types of home décor plans.

Spice up the guest bedroom with rustic furniture

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Home Improvement, BedroomLiving room and guest bedrooms can be done in sanguine colors. People use tranquil, calming colors for their bedrooms but like to spice up the guest bedroom a little. This also applies to the furniture used for a guest bedroom. Rustic furniture is a top idea today. Few smartly crafted rustic furniture from Reclaimed Wood is doing the rounds of Europe and Latin America. Pine, Oak and Cedar are preferred wood choices. Teak is also a popular choice.

Rustic furniture gives a look of antique. It creates a beautiful antique feeling that can be used in combination with chic, contemporary designs. The idea is to ensure that the contrast catches everyone’s eyes. Rustic furniture can be modeled as you want. It presents a sparse look from outside despite being gaudy towards its frames and hinges. You can also try many kinds of wickerwork and wooden styling.

Tips on teen bedding

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Home Improvement, BedsBuying sheets, pillows and other objects for your teen’s room can fill you with great energy. You begin to anticipate the cherubic look on his face. This is why it is important not to mess up his life and dreams. There are a few tips on teen bedding which are worth considering.

Black and white is in vogue and so are floral and faunal prints. This means you can try concrete prints with a bold animal or flower look for your teen. Retro designs are also doing very well. If you are thinking of some texture for the sheets, then there is nothing that would beat a velour or satin. These provide great comfort. Appearance wise, even corduroy is not far behind.

If your child has suddenly outgrown his bed, you can just attach the bed with teen bedding. It will add the space that he might need.

Looking at Different Bedroom Cupboard Designs

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Home Improvement, Bedroom,Bedroom cupboards are a hotly debated topic. A few like them in antique. Of course they contrast it with contemporary doors. Others might like it in rustic furniture made from Reclaimed Wood.

Still others have a tendency to go the Retro way. There are many others who like it in chic, elegant style of today. However they might like them, one thing is for sure that the bedroom cupboards speak a beautiful language.

You should be very careful about the size of the cabinet and cupboards. If the aim is to store objects then you can have a relatively middle sized one. If your aim is to store as well as display then bedroom cupboards need to be really well-sized. Also then, you can use various sophisticated materials to showcase your treasures. Glass, metals and new chic materials are considered best for the display part of the rack.