Painting the walls of children’s rooms

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walls of children’s roomsDo you want to give your child’s room a new look but are not very keen on incurring the expenses that come along with revamping the décor of your room? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you will be glad to know that giving a room a brand new appearance need not always be an expensive affair. And one of the best and most pocket friendly ways to redo the décor of kids’ room is to give the rooms a fresh coat of color. Paint is a quite inexpensive home décor tool and to add to the fun you can ask your child to choose the color which he wants his room to be painted in.

As far as kids’ rooms are concerned, you should always opt for some bright and dreamy color; and do remember that bright colors are not necessarily loud colors. However, if your kid is a fan of very bright and loud colors then you can paint one wall of his room in his favorite color. For kids who are less than ten years old colors like sunshine yellow, sky blue and soothing apple green will work very well. For older kids, neutral colors are the best bets. Paint will freshen up a room and add live to it almost immediately and you can be rest assured that your child will love it. Since kids are prone to making the walls a mess, always opt for semi gloss wall paints so that you can clean the mess without much hassle.

While painting the walls, make sure that foundation part of the wall is two shades darker than the rest of the wall. Have fun with your kid by putting his colorful handprints on the border area. Wall decals and murals are also good choices for decorating the walls of a child’s room.

Tips to keep your child’s room well organized

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Do you find it troublesome to organise your child’s room? A child’s room is inevitably the messiest room of the house. Your children would never be bothered about the kind of mess the room is creating. All they would want is to have a good time with their toys regardless of whether they are leaving behind a mess or not. As usual, the task of cleaning up the mess would be left up to you.

How can you ensure that the room is well organised and cleaned up? There are some simple ways you can ensure this. Firstly ensure that there is a toy box which is big enough to contain all the toys. A toy box is an easier option for the kid to dump of toys simply. You could also keep plastic baskets in the room for the sake of picking up the toys. Since children grow up pretty quick, you need to keep discarding off the clothes that the kids have grown out of. This makes space for the next set of clothes.

Decorate Your Children’s Room With Toys

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Your child is really precious, so why not do something to make your children feel special? Well one easiest way is decorate their room with toys. Toys make up the child’s world. So why not give them the room of their dreams? Well don’t worry about the investment, today a number of home décor companies have even brought out furniture matching the child’s world.

We know that the preference of toys varies according to the sex of your child. Now if it’s a boy you can go in for cars, robots to decorate his room, and for a daughter you have soft toys, dolls to get them in her room. Here you really need to understand the mentality of your child, what kind of toys does he/she prefer.
So don’t wait, just plan and get the stuff and see how this is all worth of the love of your beloved children. Go make them feel special.

How to save space in a children’s room

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Does your house have a serious space problem? Too little space in children’s room is not only unpleasing as too many furniture keep obstructing the way but also risky as your child might get injured by bumping into the furniture. One of the rooms which needs space the most is your child’s room. So how do you go about increasing space there?

There are more ways than just getting smaller furniture.

The first way of ensuring that your child’s room has space is to get the right bed. If you have two children get a double bunk bed. Sometimes a double bunk bed can help even if there is one kid as it makes some extra space. You could also get beds with drawers and closets attached. Or you could simply get a loft bed

Another very efficient way of making more space is by getting a corner wardrobe. Corner wardrobes do not jut out and takes typically less space. A very useful way of making more space is to get containers and bins to store and organize materials. Try to get colourful ones as they would go well with your child’s room.

Give your child the space he or she needs.

Baby Nursery Bedding

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A baby spends a lot of time sleeping therefore comfort has to be a priority when choosing bedding for the nursery. They should also be easy to maintain.

Cotton sheets are essential when you are choosing bedding for your baby. Cotton is a great material because you can easily regulate the temperature. The sheets can be layered when it is cold and reduced when it is too hot. It is important to make sure you get a suitable size for the nursery.

Cushions and pillows are not really advisable when you are getting bedding for your baby’s nursery because they can make the baby too hot. They can also cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when the baby suffocates on them. Choose a firm one if you want to use a pillow or cushion in the nursery.

A baby sleeping bag is also a good idea for nursery bedding because the baby will not be able to uncover himself.

5 Tips to Stimulate Your Baby’s Nursery

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Babies are constantly learning from the things around them and this is why you need to make the nursery stimulating. This will help to engage the mind and encourage learning.

One of the best ways to make the nursery stimulation is by creating a themed room. Choose a theme based on animals, numbers, alphabets or seasons.

Decorating the ceiling in you baby’s nursery is also a great way to make sure the mind is always engaged. Use different patterns and designs to create something exciting. You can also hang some toys or mobiles on some of the areas in the room.

Put some books in the nursery so that the baby can have an interest in reading from an early age.

When you are trying to stimulate the room, make sure you define each space. Some areas should allow the baby to unwind after stimulation.

You can also use several toys to stimulate your baby in the nursery.

Tips on teen bedding

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Home Improvement, BedsBuying sheets, pillows and other objects for your teen’s room can fill you with great energy. You begin to anticipate the cherubic look on his face. This is why it is important not to mess up his life and dreams. There are a few tips on teen bedding which are worth considering.

Black and white is in vogue and so are floral and faunal prints. This means you can try concrete prints with a bold animal or flower look for your teen. Retro designs are also doing very well. If you are thinking of some texture for the sheets, then there is nothing that would beat a velour or satin. These provide great comfort. Appearance wise, even corduroy is not far behind.

If your child has suddenly outgrown his bed, you can just attach the bed with teen bedding. It will add the space that he might need.