A Beginners Guide To Hanging Drywall

July 05, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Construction queries, Home Care, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Renovations

If you are planning for a commercial or domestic remodeling project then you should have a bit more knowledge about the hanging and finishing of a drywall. Apart from experience, required knowledge in this case will make your work done quite fast and also help you save on your cash. Firstly, you should decide how thick your drywall is going to be. If you are having a drywall in a kind of space susceptible to regular dampness then it is better to make use of a green board in this case.

Green board is a sort of a dry wall which is extensively used in places where you are planning to have tubs and showers. Next, a thick drywall is going to provide you with better insulation and greater security. Remember that you need to cut the drywall carefully according to the required dimension. Finishing of a drywall is almost an artistic endeavor. Professionals make use of different techniques and styles for the better finishing of a drywall. Thus, for the purpose you need to contact an expert drywall contractor.

The Basics of Home Skirting

May 26, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Architecture, Construction queries, Home Care, Home Design, Home Improvement, Renovations

Home skirting can be an easy process which you enjoy doing yourself to come up with something that will last long and is not easily damaged. Before you can begin this process you need to make sure that it is allowed in the area where you reside so that you do not clash with the authorities. Second you need to figure out the materials that you will need such as nails and screws and measure the size of the skirt.

If you had old skirting you need to remove them to make room for the new ones. Get yourself a work station to make the process much easier. Begin with the base upwards and anchor the stakes. You then cut the vertical boards individually according to the size of the skirt. Work all around the home leaving a little space for crawling of pets if you have any. Make sure you align the vertical boards well so that they can be able to plumb and leave a little space for air circulation.

Building Window Box for Decoration

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Do you have any plans of adding some magical sparkle to your home window boxes come Christmas or Easter or the amazing spring or summer seasons? If not, you can opt to have a look at these various tips that will help you fix in some sparkle onto your window boxes. You can opt to place larger decorative ornaments on these windows in a neat manner.

On the other hand, when going for smaller trophies or Christmas trees, ensure that you place them in smaller pairs across the window boxes. Cheap nutcrackers and stocking hangings can as well be innovative ways of making the window boxes look more unique from the rest. In addition, you can fill these boxes with dwarf conifers, huge pinecones or even birds treats which both children and birds alike can have a taste of during the auspicious occasion.
So, ensure that this coming festive season your window boxes won’t just look ordinary, but stupendous.

Applying ceiling plaster

October 07, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Construction queries, Walls and Ceilings

Ceiling Plaster, Home Improvement, Home Care,Home Decor, Home CareFurnishing your ceiling by applying ceiling plaster is a good way of making an old ceiling look as good as new. Applying ceiling plaster is better done by a professional as it is an art that is easy to do but difficult to perfect.

The process starts by stripping away any damaged plaster as well as pulling out the nails. You will need goggles and protective clothing. To prevent dust from spreading around, seal all spaces on the doors. The process may be strenuous but the end result will be fantastic.

Using plaster on your ceiling will improve its strength. Many people apply plaster on their ceilings as a finishing touch to their homes’ interior decor. A plastered ceiling does not have to be boring there are decorative finishing touches that can be added to it to make it look gorgeous. Before you plaster your ceiling, check with an expert for advice.