Making a duplex for family extension

February 22, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Duplex houses, Home Improvement

duplexA family might be undergoing a phase of extension. It can be due to three principal reasons. Either the children are growing and need space for themselves. Or you might be planning to start work from home and need an office to set it. Or still, you may be looking for assisted living for your parents. It’s quite a concept when parents can live together yet separated by a partition so that they can maintain seclusion.

A duplex is a perfect answer to all such problems. First, you can look to make a duplex horizontally or vertically. The last addition to the existing home shall be in a pattern that it matches the framework and color combination of existing home. This is important for the needs of homogeneity. You can follow similar or contrast colors. Both provide the same effect. It is significant to use an attaching lobby that can connect the two duplexes easily. This way, the connection can help with easy mobility around the entire duplex.

Plans for duplex house

January 20, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Duplex houses, House Plans

duplex houseDuplex houses are a multi-family home which is constructed with the idea of single dwelling with secluded units. The units may run side by side partitioned by a firewall or it can be storied. Verticals are sought where population is dense and land is a constraint. A great use of duplex is when you want to keep your parents together, just out of bounds perhaps. The parents seek assisted living but do not wish to thrust themselves on you either. Here, the concept of duplex comes into the picture in a big way.

Two master-suite house plans and double suite home plans are doing very well. You have got to look at the flooring, garage and make sure that the building materials used, match with the old. The blends should be perfect. By the way, the insurance cost of a duplex house is lower than a single-family home and it is also great for renting purpose.