Glass handrails – the perfect solution for your home

December 15, 2008  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Hand Rails, Home Improvement

handrailHandrails are an integral part of a home. They provide comfort while you are alighting from or stepping on to a stair. They are also great guards for balconies or open spaces in house. They have this dual aspect of being a shield and an appearance machine.

A hand rail needs to be blessed with two features. First, it should be supportive and not fragile. It will need to take the weight of two children or more at a time. It should also be good enough to tackle weather reverses like wind, water and snow.

Glass handrails are premium solutions today. Glass can be a very strong building material. Do not go by the connotation. Today, glass can be made as tough as steel. Secondly, it is easy to customize glass and blend it toward customer preference. And yes. You can use the glass handrail over your patio decks too.