Antique Lamps for the English Look

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The English look has never been out of fashion as it gives comfortable and slightly worn electric interiors. The antique lamps are a range of vintage lamps which are a perfect English look. They are available in many shapes, designs and color and give the room a very authentic look. If you like collecting great things this is one of the things you should have in your collection.

They have been produced for a long time and with this has come great innovations to make the lamps look more beautiful and unique. Other than the decorative feature the lamps can be used to provide light in the house if there is no other source of power they can also be used by explorers to guide then in dark caves if they do not have the headlights. These lamps are not costly and having one would be a great addition to your interior decor. Antique lamps have also come up with lamps which are supplied to many parts of the world such as France and Japan.

Bakelite Vases to Flower up Homes

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Home Decor, Home Improvement, VasesIf you have small children running around in the house then in all probability you are searching for home décor articles that doesn’t only look good for are also extremely durable. Bakelite vases could be one such useful accessory that can be used to decorate your home with flowers.

Bakelite is basically a thermosetting plastic that can be molded into any desired shape creating beautiful artifacts. Bakelite has been used by Dura Vase Company to create solitaire vases with beautiful aluminum base that were known for their strength as well as elegance.
Also bakelite vases require very less maintenance. Just cleaning them with your regular auto wax will restore the shine of these vases and also remove any signs of tiny scratches.

Remember to use only good quality organic wax for cleaning as once the damage has been done to the bakelite vase surface it is next to impossible to restore. So use bakelite vases to flower up homes and add color to your home décor.

The charm of antique clocks and furnishings in your home

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Home Decor, Home Improvement, Antiques, Home FurnishingsWhen it comes to investing in antique clocks and furnishings for your home you’ll find that you’re dealing with an overwhelming urge to buy anything that seems affordable because you think it’s of great value. Never buy antique because you think it’s a fad. Instead nurture an interest, learn as much as you can and then spend your money wisely.

Antique clocks and furnishings certainly do add to the charm of your home but how do you adjudge authenticity. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea so leave it to the professionals. They do charge a fee for their service but in return you can be guaranteed of authenticity and at the same time they can even acquire just what you need even if it may take a while.

Buying antiques online isn’t a very wise decision because there’s no guarantee about what you’re putting your money in. If you’re dealing with a private seller then take along an antique dealer to determine the truth of the deal.

Antique furniture, what are they?

February 28, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Furniture, Home Accessories, Home Antiques

antique furnitureModernity has brought its own sweet trends and the funniest modern trend to have emerged is to get back to the olden times. This has brought the concept of antique furniture and worn-out home decorating objects to the fore. The idea is to give the home an antediluvian look married to the current accent. Antique does not look too good all alone; It becomes quite important to sync it with a contemporary theme. What then is antique furniture?

Antique furniture are depressed at the periphery, they have worn and jaded look. With a rugged edge that’s shorn of a stylish frame, they aim to look vane in their simplicity. Today, antique tapestries, carpets, wooden frames, bed work, lights and a lot more is available. An example of setting the antique with modern is getting an antique mirror put together with a glitzy table-set.