Steps To Maintain Your Wardrobe

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Girl maintaining your wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is that part of your home which is used on daily basis and thus it also gets dirty very usually. However it’s not that difficult to maintain your wardrobe. You just need to clean and organize your wardrobe for once and then maintain some rules for keeping it in that manner. Throwing clothes just like that is not going to help in maintaining your wardrobe. If you are no use to maintaining your wardrobe and you don’t know about it then here are some of the tips for maintaining your wardrobe and keeping it that way.

  • Read the labels of clothes properly

If you want to maintain your wardrobe and things stored inside, you need to cultivate the habit of reading the labels of your clothes before you do anything with them. While buying your clothes also, you need to read the label whether they are of good quality or not? Pick up those clothes which are easy to clean and are of goof quality. There are many clothes which have to dry cleaned only and are not proper for hand wash. Before you take your clothes for laundry, read the label and see whether can be washing by hands or not. Try and find the permanent press fabrics. If possible avoid those clothes which need to be dry cleaned as it can be added expense and an issue in maintaining your wardrobe.

  • Check for the flaws

Always cultivate a habit of checking out your clothes before you for doing their laundry. If there are any stains on your clothes, make sure to remove it as soon as possible by using water and soap. This will save you from making extra efforts for cleaning it after the stains gets stubborn and will not get removed so easily. If the stain is very stubborn, you can try using nail polish remover for getting rid of stains. If you are washing your sweaters or any such cloth, make sure you hang it properly for drying or else it can get loose.

  • Wash your clothes regularly

Tops you wear must be washed after wearing it one time. Whereas, in case of jeans or skirts, they must be washed after wearing it for two days. They don’t need as frequent cleaning as tops do. In case of jacket and winter wear, clean them three times during the time of its wear. In case if sneakers or shoes, try to wash it once in a month or it can be more than that if there is any such need. After cleaning hang them to make it dry, use wood clothes rack for hanging it. After that iron the clothes and put in in your wardrobe. You have to follow these steps if you want to maintain your wardrobe.

  • Make your storage appropriate

While storing your clothes, make sure to use tabular hangers. This will give your clothes natural shape. If you are storing heavy sweaters, you can make use of closet shelf. While hanging the belt, hang it by its buckle and not by the belt. Also don’t hang your purse by its strap, this will damage the strap of your purse.

Basic home protection tips

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home improvement, home careKeeping and maintaining a home can be a tough job. With time, your home also ages with you. That’s why you need to know the right things to take care of and keep in mind so that you can keep your home safe, protected and as good as new for a longer period of time. Do you want to steer clear of high utility bills? Make sure you insulate your home well. Make sure that you use lamination and glazed windows. This can help you protect your home from heat or extreme cold.

Make sure you keep your appliances clean, clean your gutters and damp corners should be kept fresh and as dry as possible. This keeps a house safe. You can use a de-humidifier to strengthen your home and keep things intact for a longer time. Keep these tips in mind and learn some common DIY repair works around the house to keep your home in good shape.

Preventing a termite infestation at home

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prevent termite, home careTermites are common pests, which can create a nuisance in your home. They eat away through all wooden furniture, fixtures, doors, windows and flooring, weaken, and hollow out the objects from inside. Termites can be pretty dangerous and you might not even find out about them for a while, as they tend to attack from the inside.

They come in large numbers to attack on a particular area, so whenever you see the slightest infestation, call in the pest control guys before the termites breed and create more damage. Wood structures tend to darken; you can find wood dust at the base of objects like door ends, windowsills and bed endings. In addition, the color of the infested wood turns darker in some cases and hence, that is another indicator. Have your wood repaired after the termites and possible eggs are removed. Also, use anti termite eco friendly sprat to avoid further termite attacks.

Maintaining a stone floor in your home

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stone floor, home careIt is required to take care of your stone floor in your home even though stone floors are hard and strong. It is not very difficult to take care of your stone flooring. You just need to be a little cautious and put attention to details.

Dust mats should be put on both the sides of the door. This will prevent your floor from scratches to some extent. Along with that it will keep the dirt away from the floor. Spills occur pretty often at home. Cleaning it up immediately will block the spills entering into the floor and will also keep your floor away from getting stained. Cleaning the floor deep will keep it clean. But, it should be kept in mind that deep cleaning should not be done very frequently. It is to be carried out only once or twice in one year.

A Brief Discussion about Home Aquariums

March 01, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

Home Aquariums, AquariumsHaving an aquarium at home is a great way to give your home a nice elegant touch. You get to have some special “friends” and you can also enhance the beauty of your homes. Aquariums have the capability to enhance and bring about a kind of peaceful tranquility in homes so you should definitely try and get one.

If you already have one, you might want to know the basic tips about aquarium maintenance and set up. You should know that the basic temperature used in most aquariums is 28 to 30 degree Celsius. Whatever lighting you give, you must take care of the intensity of the light. For a man made marine system like an aquarium, if you want color lights make sure that the range of intensity for the color lights is from 5,000 to 7,000 degrees Kelvin. The right range for aquarium salinity should be from 1.020 to 1.026. You can use a Refractometer to keep this in check.

How to take care of your rugs and maintain them for a long time

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It is better to get a stitch in time and save nine. This proverb really goes correct for certain things. You should rather do regular maintenance of your rugs instead of waiting for the work to pile up and spoiling your carpet so much that you have to buy a new one.  Rugs actually perform the function of holding the dirt that our shoes get in the house. But when the capacity is full it will not be able to hold the dirt anymore.

For cleaning rugs, ensure that you don’t beat it up because that loosens the wool of the rugs which further spoils the quality of the rug. If anything gets spilled on it, make sure that you clean up the mess as soon as possible to avoid the rug from soaking it. Therefore clean it with a material which has good absorbing quality. Do not use rug shampoos on your rugs; they tend to spoil the rug more. So go ahead and give your rug a good cleaning if it needs one.

How to take care of your Air conditioners

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Thanks to global warming air conditioners are a must these days. It is essential for you to know the maintenance procedure of the air conditioner which will not only ensure efficient functioning of the machine but also check your bills. Each machine has its own way of being cleaned and make sure you are checking the manual on cleaning instructions. Check your filters once a month to ensure they are not clogged. Take the filter out of its case and soak it in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes. Once that is done, let it drip dry after which you can put it back to its case.

Check that the condenser is in working condition regularly. Make sure that the vents are not blocked by any foreign material. Get a professional technician to check your refrigerant to fix it of any problems like leaks etc. Make sure you test try it while the technician is present. Do get your air conditioner serviced from time to time.

Curtain Wall Renovation

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Renovating a curtain wall depends a lot on the right sort of expertise and knowledge. A curtain wall is a sort of an outer covering of a building which acts as a shield by saving the construction from several climactic wraths and rages. As it is a non-structural product it is mostly constructed with a light weight material which brings about a reduction in the construction cost.

You require renovating and repairing a curtain wall to extend its tenure of providing you with the right kind of service. If the curtain wall is properly designed and installed then it can indeed last for ten to fifteen years without causing any sort of trouble. You have to take the best care of curtain walls to minimize or limit the entrance of water within the surface and this will definitely help the structure hold on to its undaunted form for a longer period of time.

A Beginners Guide To Hanging Drywall

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If you are planning for a commercial or domestic remodeling project then you should have a bit more knowledge about the hanging and finishing of a drywall. Apart from experience, required knowledge in this case will make your work done quite fast and also help you save on your cash. Firstly, you should decide how thick your drywall is going to be. If you are having a drywall in a kind of space susceptible to regular dampness then it is better to make use of a green board in this case.

Green board is a sort of a dry wall which is extensively used in places where you are planning to have tubs and showers. Next, a thick drywall is going to provide you with better insulation and greater security. Remember that you need to cut the drywall carefully according to the required dimension. Finishing of a drywall is almost an artistic endeavor. Professionals make use of different techniques and styles for the better finishing of a drywall. Thus, for the purpose you need to contact an expert drywall contractor.

Advantages of Installing French Patio Doors

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When living in a small house you can indeed have a sense of increased space with the installation of French patio doors. It is definite that such a choice would not cost you much. As a patio door makes your living space look all the more large and convincing so you can now utilize the area for several enthralling outdoor activities. So now when you plan for an outdoor room apart from thinking about folding chairs and a table for picnic you can even think of investing for a patio door.

Patio doors are extremely convenient to use as they tend to keep the room extremely cool during the summer season. For this you just need to have an outdoor area which is disconnected from the main zone of the house by means of a patio door. So, when you cook in this outdoor part the rest of the house is easily saved from the heat of cooking. Therefore, a patio door works in several ways to make your living all the more easy and comfortable.