Colorful Kitchen Designs

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Home without kitchen is like a body without soul. Kitchen is very important part of house which is needed to be designed in a very classy and colorful manner. Here are varieties of kitchens with different pretty colors from which you can choose which colored kitchen you want to go with.


Blue kitchen

 Turquoise: custom color

Beautiful ice blue kitchen made from recycled glass bottle which provides the surface a sea glass like sheen. Pale turquoise is painted on the cabinet for matching. When you try to match kitchen materials always remember that paint can always be tinted to match up with countertop, cabinet or fabric so always choose the paint last.






Blue Kitchen

Inspired by Menswear

The classic menswear combination idea is inspired by the palette. Bold contrast is the main element for the space as visible in the mixture of both white and navy cabinets. This is softened by the preface of the warm color of the cork floor and the walnut-toned center island.




Green kitchen

Green: calming and comfortable

An eye pleasing and beautiful combination of blue and green catches the heart. It’s neither too bright nor too pale, just a perfect backsplash tile in a kitchen.

Orange kitchen

Orange: natural inspiration

This orange kitchen contains a palette of gold, red and grey as a nod to the local landscape. The curved accent walls describe the color of sumac leaves. The yellow, red and orange are covered with grey and black so that it does not look like circus music which generally happens while picking up bright colors.

Pink kitchen

Pink: Art deco pizzazz

Here is beautiful Anigre veneer which is stained with pink dye.  A black granite countertop ties in the black appliances and the art deco-style custom crown molding in black. Grey marble tops which is a part of the centre island topped with corian in “strawbeery ice”.

Red kitchen

Red: statement cabinets

The point of attraction in this open kitchen is the bright glossy red upper cabinets. Addition in the glamour of this kitchen is stainless steel backsplash and black lower cabinets.

Red kitchen

Red: Bold Lacquer Color

Red identifies love. This red kitchen is not just red it is the lacquer red which is very rich and saturated. The white ceiling and stainless steel appliance compliments best to reflect the light. It is considered very important while working with the darker color.

Purple kitchen

Purple: sleek curves+ deep color

It’s the perfect combination of purple tones with red sunset with granite in the kitchen. It reflects the intense doses of Aubergine on the cabinets and in the accent walls, pillows and art throughout the house. The floors are kept neutral to give distinctive look and not overwhelming.

Multicolor kitchen


Multicolor kitchen gives a very attractive and funky look to your kitchen. It contains the bold green stems prepared from high-gloss laminate cabinets which open to vibrant fuchsia flower beds of countertops. The walls are painted marigold orange which perfectly suits the other colors of the kitchen. If you feel it’s too much then you can have glass doors into some of the cabinets and paint its interiors bright hue.

white kitchen

Bright, White and Buttery

This kitchen is bright and airy which contains white wall cabinets and offers you with plenty of storage space and also act as a clean backdrop to the kitchens real star. At the corner of the bar, there is a massive butter yellow island that features a charming salvaged newel post.

Home Baking: How to Make Cooking With Kids More Fun

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bread bakingApparently certain reality TV shows have made baking ‘the new rock ‘n’ roll’. We’re not sure about that, but baking has always been a great way to have fun and get kids involved in the kitchen. It’s relatively simple, with ways to involve even the littlest hands and what’s more, the results are delicious – at least most of the time.

Even if you have a baking disaster, don’t let that put you off. Your cookies and cakes don’t have to be an image of perfection, as long as you have fun making them. Here are our tips to do just that:


Most kids love cookies and they’re relatively easy to make. You can use a variety of different ingredients and flavours and also choose whatever size and shape you want. Cookie cutters are a fun way to customise biscuits, or you can help kids cut their own shapes with a knife, for ultimate individuality.


Many beginners and even more experienced cooks find the idea of baking their own bread daunting. It’s often easier than people think however and bread makers at the Co-operative can make the process even more manageable. Kids can help mix and knead the dough if you’re baking in the oven, or can help layer the ingredients into a bread maker, if you’re using these handy appliances.


From buns to fruit loafs and gooey chocolate cakes, there are a host of options here. A fancy gateau might be a little beyond most little bakers, but kids can always help with the mixing and measuring, even if the end result is a little advanced. Cakes offer a lot of family fun, both to bake and to eat.

Cereal cakes

Cereal cakes such as corn flakes and crisped rice are perennial favourites and incredibly simple to make. The chocolate versions remain the most popular, but try syrup or honey cereal cakes for a chewy, delicious alternative.


Whether you’ve made cakes, cookies or anything else that can be decorated, this is often the most fun stage. You can use a variety of edible ingredients including different colours of icing, individual sweets or pieces of fruit, for a healthier alternative.

You could offer suggestions and assistance for little ones who are a little unsure of what they want to do, but otherwise, this is a great opportunity to let their creative juices flow and allow their imagination to run wild.

Wood beam ceiling kitchens

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Kitchen design, kitchenThe kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It is that part of the house where the meal for the entire household is prepared. Therefore, it is very important that the kitchen is done up in way that would make the atmosphere fun to work in. wood beam ceiling kitchens can be a very nice idea for your kitchen.

.A very nice appeal can be brought about in the kitchen with the installation of the wood beam ceiling by a professional team. It will give that feeling of Victorian English kitchen. The wooden texture adds a very interesting touch to the décor of the kitchen. There are a lot of design options to with when it comes to the wood beam ceiling for the kitchens You can choose from the various design options that are available over the internet. Installation of proper light fixtures will also make the wood beams interesting.

Which is a better pick, steel or wooden kitchen cabinets?

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You can use either a steel or wooden kitchen cabinet. Stainless steel is durable and it gives a contemporary look when you use it in a kitchen cabinet. Steel cabinets are good because they do not warp or mold. Also you do not need to reface them like other materials. If you want, you can paint the steel cabinets as well.

You can also opt for a wooden kitchen cabinet. You can design the wood cabinets the way you want them. Make sure you use wood of a good quality. You can have many boxes to keep the utensils. Wooden cabinets are also spacious. While cleaning wooden cabinets you need to use a correct method so that you do not damage the wood.

In order to get the best of stainless steel and wood, you can use a cabinet made of both steel and wood. This creates a nice contrast. The doors of your cabinet can be made of steel and the drawers can be made of wood. You can also use steel with a color contrast.

Choice of material for your kitchen counter

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The kitchen is a very special place in every one’s home. It is important to take some time out and think about the kind of material that will suit your kitchen countertops the best. If you want to give an elegant look to your kitchen then you should go for something which has an ethnic and contemporary look and something that goes well with the walls and the rest of the kitchen.

There are various kinds of materials to be used like marble, stainless steel, ply wood or even stone. You can use one type for each top like the vegetable chopping countertop, bake counter, island counter etc. or if you want your kitchen to adorn a single toned look then you can go for one type of material for all the counters. It’s completely up to you. You can even ask for some help from your interior decorator as well.

How to take care of your kitchen knives

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Knives are the most important utensils present in the kitchen. They are used daily for various cutting purposes. To make sure that they remain sharp and last for years, you need to take proper care of them. Sharpen them a few times in twelve months so that they always provide you a perfect cut all the time.

First step is to provide a good place to keep your knives so that they do not get damaged easily. The drawer or a knife block is the best place to keep them in. After every use make sure to wash and clean them using hot water. Some knives catch rust easily, so keep them dry when not in use. You should practice the right cutting techniques while using the knives on the cutting boards; else it can cause damage to the edges of the knives. Plastic and wooden boards are safer than the other board materials.

Ways of organizing your kitchen utensils

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A lot of people find it difficult to organize and arrange their kitchen utensils. Organizing the utensils of your kitchen is certainly a complex job but you need to do it well. Once you organize the utensils properly it will become easy to find them when there is a need.

 First, you have to dedicate drawers for your kitchen utensils. There has to be a drawer for large utensils, one for flatware and another for miscellaneous stuffs. You can buy plastic flatware trays. These trays have different troughs for spoons, knives and forks. These trays make sure that your utensils do not keep shifting inside the drawer.

You should always keep your knives near the cooking area. You can have a set of hooks to store your knives or install a magnet rack for the knives. For spatulas, ladles and oversized spoons it is advisable to get baskets. Make sure that all your electrical appliances are connected to proper outlets.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash

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Kitchen Decor, Kitchen Care, Kitchen BacksplashConsidering beauty and functionality is the main thing you have to keep in mind while selecting materials for kitchen backsplash. Materials like porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stainless steel, stone and glass may be crafted into backsplashes which need no or very little maintenance.

While choosing the right kitchen backsplash, you have to consider the fixtures in your kitchen, and not the appliances. Since the appliances get changed over time, the fixtures are more permanent and thus are important to be considered. Another thing you have to remember while choosing backsplash for your kitchen is that they are available in a huge range of colors, textures, shapes and sizes and you have to choose the one as per the theme and size of your kitchen.

Metal backsplashes are ideal for a country kitchen style while backsplashes made of stainless steel create a more sleek and modern look in the kitchen. Another popular trend in kitchen backsplashes is glass which is easy to maintain, is scratch resistant and looks great.

Classy kitchen – the modular way

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Home Improvement, Home Care, KitchenWhether you realize it or not, the kitchen is one place that you spend a considerable part of the day in. not only this, if you give it serious thought, you’ll realize that the kitchen is almost like a storehouse because there’s so many things that need to be fit in. there’s the dishwasher, central table, sink, and a multitude of gadgets, blenders, choppers and endless amount of utensils. A few shelves aren’t always enough.

If you want your kitchen to look classy and in place all the time you certainly have to find a great modular kitchen deal. A customized fit can ensure that everything fits in place and looks as though it was built specifically keeping your kitchen in mind rather than opting for a random fitting. Complete the classy look by selecting marble or granite top kitchen counters and don’t forget to invest n the right lighting and fixtures.