Lighting Tips to Finish a Basement

October 01, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Basements, Lights On !

Basement Lighting, Home Improvement, Home CareThe first step will entail maximizing as much natural light as you can, if your basement is above the ground that is. With this step taken, several other options exist including surface mounted and directional lights. One may also install occupancy sensors for the reflection of light already being produced by other sources.

With ceiling space, incandescent recession light fittings may be worth installing, giving your basement a look of brightness and a good working space. The space can be given a more finished look by installation of bright track lights and the beauty may be topped off with surface mounted lights affording the basement a welcoming mood and a brilliance that is quite inviting.

For safety and a more open environment, one may employ recessed lighting in the basement, giving it as small a risk factor as possible. A dynamic effect will be got from narrow beam lighting fixtures.