Spice up your study with oversized wall clocks

November 14, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Improvement, Walls and Ceilings

Wall Decor, Home Decor, Wall ClocksThe oversized wall clocks portray a very bold statement that can help to drastically transform the study into a more inviting room. The sizes of these clocks commonly vary from 21 to 42 inches diameter. Because they attract a lot attention, one should be very careful when choosing their color. Most of them come in cool colors that create a relaxing mood in the room. But the color chosen should always match the theme color in the entire room. Another factor to consider is that the numerals should be visible from every corner of the room.

The oversized wall clocks can also make a large study room look more compact and hence more inviting. They create an impression of smaller and well organized space. They come in different shapes most of them have the conventional round shape although newer and exciting designs like sunflower, galaxies, sun-shape and wheels have been introduced.

Wall Décor with Moving Waterfall Pictures

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Wall Decor, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Wall pictures,With the 3D moving waterfall pictures, one does have to wait for that annual vacation in order to enjoy a beautiful scenic view. They create a realistic art ambiance and drastically transform a home’s interior to a whole new experience. These wall decors come in vibrant colors that appease and relax one’s senses even on the most stressful day. This exhilarating wall décor is one of the best natural mood-lifters and soul-rejuvenators. Their strong visual and sound impacts create a ‘holiday environment’ within the home.

The moving pictures can be placed in various places within the home. The most preferable ones are the living room, bedroom and the guestroom; mostly to create an inviting and friendly mood. They also look good when placed on the hallways. There are different forms of the moving waterfall pictures. They include a virtual fish tank with stiff cliffs and sunset and sunrise tropical waterfall pictures.

Decorative Wall Cladding

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Wall Decor, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Decor Wall Cladding,Decorative wall cladding is done on the interior and exterior of buildings so as to enhance their authentic value. It can be done on existing walls to make them better or on undecorated walls. Some of the materials needed in making beautiful wall cladding include chrome coving fittings, color strips, H-trim fittings and end cap pieces.

The process of wall cladding is done by placing the cladding sheets together and then fastening to the wall using screws. These fasteners will usually be hidden by the cladding. Nails can be used but only on wooden surfaces. The wall cladding can also be used on the ceilings or sometimes on the doors.

Some of the benefits of decorative wall cladding include: being water and rot proof, easy and cheap to install, requires no grouting, can be installed on a variety of surfaces, they are very hygienic and give a beautiful smooth finish.

Applying ceiling plaster

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Ceiling Plaster, Home Improvement, Home Care,Home Decor, Home CareFurnishing your ceiling by applying ceiling plaster is a good way of making an old ceiling look as good as new. Applying ceiling plaster is better done by a professional as it is an art that is easy to do but difficult to perfect.

The process starts by stripping away any damaged plaster as well as pulling out the nails. You will need goggles and protective clothing. To prevent dust from spreading around, seal all spaces on the doors. The process may be strenuous but the end result will be fantastic.

Using plaster on your ceiling will improve its strength. Many people apply plaster on their ceilings as a finishing touch to their homes’ interior decor. A plastered ceiling does not have to be boring there are decorative finishing touches that can be added to it to make it look gorgeous. Before you plaster your ceiling, check with an expert for advice.

Hiding Scars on Walls, Ceiling and Floors

August 19, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Floors & Roofs, Repairs & Maintenance, Walls and Ceilings

Home Improvement, Home Care, Walls, Ceiling, FloorLooking for options to cover the greasy hand stains on your walls or is the orange juice spill on your carpet that is making you frown? Here are some amazing tips to hide scars on walls, ceilings and floors:

Invest in some bright sunny tapestry to cover up the ugly scar in the walls. Available in many different materials, tapestries can be easily put up and also removed for cleaning purposes.

Another great options for taking away the attention from the scars is to buy bamboo or colored woven mats that can be hanged and can even be used for covering the floors. Besides being inexpensive, these mats are durable and require less maintenance

How about getting some discounted rug or area carpet to cover the ugly marks on your floor? Not only will it give an instant facelift to any drab room it will surely help in making any room to appear more welcoming.

Ceramic Tiling for Walls Add Beauty with Durability

August 06, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Home Care, Home Design, Walls and Ceilings

Home Improvement, Wall, CeramicWith lovely looking prints, durability and ease of cleaning are some of the reasons while people are looking to use ceramic tiling for walls. Mostly used as a backsplash or counter covers in kitchen, bathrooms and showers you can easily install these ceramic tilling which are water resistance and are also stain resistant.

Ceramic tiling for walls evolved more than 4000 years ago and was used to create the interiors of royal palaces because of their beauty and elegance.

Available in various different shades, it is easy to color coordinate and create dramatic patterns and new designs.

There are two different kinds of ceramic tiling for walls: porous and non porous. As ceramic tiles are preferred at places which usually get damp and moist, select non porous tiles that will prevent the water from clogging, will be easier to clean and would therefore be more hygienic. SO create a wonderful bathroom by using ceramic tiles.

How to remove stern wallpaper

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wallpaperToday, putting and removing wallpaper involves fair amount of technique and hence it turns out to be an easy process. On a past day, it was more about power and hence those wallpapers which were applied some while back are difficult to be removed. For removing such wallpapers, you need to use steamer first. The idea is to roll the wallpaper with steamer and try removing the rolled part. If it does not help then you can use scraper and grease board simultaneously with the steamer. This forms formidable force and makes the process of removal easy.

Once the wall paper is removed, some adhesive still might find itself on the wall. It can be removed by applying sandpaper. If some grease still sticks to the surface then you can try a power sander to completely eliminate it. Once, the wall becomes as good as residue-free, you can think of applying wallpaper or some different paint.

Save money on your new home with alternative designs

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floorWhile building a home, we generally go overboard. It’s an emotional investment for us and we do not worry too much about the cost even if it means extending a loan by few thousand dollars. Today, we may look for many substitutes yet equally effective designs for saving money.

For instance, we can look to do the floor covering in linoleum. It is cheaper than marble and tile. This way, a lot of money can be saved despite keeping the appearance handy. We can also look for wooden tiles that are far cheaper than marble.

Water and wind resistant paints are available in acrylic shades but one can go for an oil paint with a primer instead. It lasts equally long and is a little cheaper.

For the design, you can choose a low vaulted ceiling rather than an imposing structure and cut out smaller rooms. Something like a handrail chosen in glass can save a lot of cost as well.