Hiding Scars on Walls, Ceiling and Floors

August 19, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Floors & Roofs, Repairs & Maintenance, Walls and Ceilings

Home Improvement, Home Care, Walls, Ceiling, FloorLooking for options to cover the greasy hand stains on your walls or is the orange juice spill on your carpet that is making you frown? Here are some amazing tips to hide scars on walls, ceilings and floors:

Invest in some bright sunny tapestry to cover up the ugly scar in the walls. Available in many different materials, tapestries can be easily put up and also removed for cleaning purposes.

Another great options for taking away the attention from the scars is to buy bamboo or colored woven mats that can be hanged and can even be used for covering the floors. Besides being inexpensive, these mats are durable and require less maintenance

How about getting some discounted rug or area carpet to cover the ugly marks on your floor? Not only will it give an instant facelift to any drab room it will surely help in making any room to appear more welcoming.

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