Three ways to clean Different types of Furniture

March 26, 2009  //  Posted by: House Xpert  //  Category: Furniture, Home Accessories, Home Care, Home Decor, Repairs & Maintenance

Cleaning and polishing furniture makes it last for long. However, different furniture needs to be cleaned differently as each has its own properties. Some methods are common like dusting and rubbing. You can also use your vacuum to suck out the dirt from the furniture.

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The most easy-to-clean furniture is the cane furniture. The cane furniture is scratch proof, weather proof, and can withstand almost any kind weather. You can just dust it. If you see stains on the furniture, you can use a wet cloth to swipe and clean it.

For leather furniture, you will have to spend much time. The leather has to be dusted first. You have to swipe it using a dry cloth. Then use some sort of liquid cleaner on cotton or a soft cloth to clean off the leather. Once done, wipe it again using a dry cloth. If the leather is losing luster, add some polish to the cloth.

If the furniture contains fur or faux fur, you need to be extra careful. Liquids tend to spoil the fur. You will need a brush to clean it carefully so that the fur does not get affected. Alternatively, a vacuum is the best method for furniture containing fur.

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