Waterproofing: An Essential Step in Basement Remodeling

June 23, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Basements, Home Care, Renovations, Repairs & Maintenance

Waterproofing is surely the most essential part in matters of repairing a basement. By doing this you can ensure maximum comfort and can utmost enjoy energy efficiency. Thus, this in turn enhances your indoor longevity and brings about a legitimate reduction in your energy bills per month. Water based problems are one of the most common challenges which you have to face at home. Signs of water damages are not easily discernable.

You can only understand when the problem settles down deep within the basement. However, some of the sings and symptoms which will tell you that yes there has surely been an underlying water and moisture related problem include rusting of metals, watermarks, paints coming off, damp spots, woods getting deformed and rotten, formation of mildew and molds, flooding of the floor and the walls developing white and chalky substances. Thus once you know what exactly the problem is, you can instantly start working on it with solutions like hydroclay, paints and sealants and fountain drain.

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